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Pühadetervitus 2018

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Three Little Procurers, Innovation Procurement Conference 2017, EU2017EE

Video by EU2017EE. Innovation Procurement is a tool for the public sector to acquire need-based, innovative and effective solutions. During this process, the contracting authority sets up a specific task for the tenderer, based on the nature of the problem, and not limited to the selection of existing products or services. More information:

MKM-i prioriteedid Eesti eesistumise ajal

Majandus- ja taristuminister Kadri Simson ja ettevõtlus- ja infotehnoloogiaminister Urve Palo räägivad, mis on majandusministeeriumi peamised prioriteedid ja eesmärgid Eesti Euroopa Liidu Nõukogu eesistumise ajal. Loe eesistumise kohta lähemalt :

Digital Single Market and how data can improve it

The priorities of the Estonian Presidency are actively focused on creating a digital single market within the EU. The digital single market cannot be built without a special emphasis on the free movement of data among member states. The free movement of data provides a visionary framework for accessing, sharing and (re)using data not only between public authorities and private companies but across all member states’ borders. The free movement of data should be the fifth freedom next to the already established freedoms of European citizens. Data is a powerful enabler of the freedoms of the single market we know today. Apart from lifting barriers, the EU has not yet maximised the growth potential of the data economy. Estonia’s aim is to establish a single market where digital solutions provide the best possible enablers for creating a favourable environment for entrepreneurship and for the deployment of new technologies in the EU. More info on the Estonian Presidency of the Council of the European Union:

Rail Baltic: maa omandamine

Infomaterjal, mis puudutab riigipoolset maa omandamist raudtee rajamiseks.

Naistepäev MKM-is 2016!

Kaunist naistepäeva kõigile MKM-i pere naistele! :)

MKM-i jõulutervitus 2015

Video on loonud BlueCat animatsioonistuudio.

Ministry's Christmas Greetings 2015

Video by: BlueCat animation studio

Lennuohutuse teemaline infopäev MKM-is 21.10.2015

21.oktoobril toimus Majandus- ja Kommunikatsiooniministeeriumi ja Lennuameti koostööl lennuohutuse teemaline infopäev, kus tutvustati lennundusseaduse muudatusi seoses Euroopa Parlamendi ja Nõukogu määruse (EL) nr 376/2014 kohaldamisega, mis käsitleb tsiviillennunduses toimunud juhtumitest teatamist ning juhtumite analüüsi ja järelmeid. Infopäeval osalesid Eesti lennundusettevõtete kvaliteedi- ja ohutusjuhid. Kohtumise eesmärk oli tuua välja põhilised muudatused ohutusalase teabe käsitlemisel ja seonduvad muudatused siseriiklikes õigusaktides. Vastati ettevõtete küsimustele. Üritus oli eesti ja inglise keeles.

Estonian energy sector in 2020

Estonian energy sector in 2020 In 2020, the district heating systems and buildings will be more energy-efficient. Domestically produced biomethane will be used in vehicles replacing partly gasoline and diesel fuel. Estonian residents and businesses will spend less money on energy and use more domestic resources. As a result they produce more value and the consumed energy will be cleaner. Thanks to energy-saving buildings, Estonian residents will save about half of the money spent on heating. is a meeting place for experts in the field as well as everyday consumers to discuss topics related to the energy sector. In 2020, more than 130 kilometers of old pipes for district heating will have been replaced with modern insulated pipes. Network losses will have been reduced by one-third and the savings are significant.Energy production will be more efficient - more local fuels will be used, which will have a healing effect on the economy. The most important local fuels in Estonia are wood, peat and oil shale. Heating costs of almost 40,000 families will be reduced because they will live in houses that need on average 45% less heating. The houses will be smart: in addition to district heating, independently-produced renewable energy will be used in buildings. Thanks to modern ventilation systems, indoor air quality will be healthier. Thus, the apartments of the reconstructed residential buildings will be more valuable. Managing costs of modern homes will be reasonable. In places where the district heating network is not feasible, local heating systems will have been developed that provide consumers with cheaper prices for heating. Biomethane production will be carried out with the help of local farmers and it will be used in vehicles. If we use domestic fuels, we will be less dependent on imported energy. When it comes to achieving energy efficiency, the government has a leading role. We will invest into energy-saving nearly zero energy buildings, the construction of which is affordable. On the planning and construction of any new building, a conscious decision will be made in favor of energy efficiency. The living environment will be cozier also during the darker times in the winter, because energy efficient street lighting has been installed in dozens of villages and towns! All of this is also reflected in the figures: - The share of renewable energy in final energy consumption in 2020 will be 25%, and the share of renewable energy in transport will be 10% - The volume of reconstructed housing will have increased by 1.7 million m2 - 22,000 street lighting points will have been renovated - The length of the renovated and the new pipelines will be 137.5 km (in english) _____ The explanatory video was put together by - visual solutions and multimedia design. Ordered by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications.