Travel business

Approximately 400 travel operators, about a half of them being tour operators and the remainder – travel agencies that are mediating package tours by other enterprises – currently operate in Estonia.

Travel business

Travel operators sell package tours and single travel services and are divided into two groups, according to the Tourism Act:

  • Tour operators put together package tours and sell these either by themselves or via another travel operator.
  • Travel agencies are travel operators that offer for sale or sell package tours that are put together by tour operator.

An undertaking can operate as a travel operator if registered in the register of economic activities (from 1 July 2014, upon submitting a notice on economic activities to the register) and after depositing a suitable security required under Article 15 of the Tourism Act. Suitable is a security that is big enough to cover any claims of consumers arising from the package tour contract against the travel operator, including all the advanced payments made by consumers and gift certificates not exchanged for package tours.

The Consumer Protection Authority conducts surveillance over the activities of the travel operators.


Last updated: 2 June 2014