Product development

It is important to develop tourism products, tourism attractions of international interest and regional tourism destinations to increase the attractiveness of Estonia as a tourism destination.

Product development

The principles of sustainable tourism are the prerequisites for the sustainable development of the tourism sector. The smarter implementation of investments already made will be given the main focus.

The goal is to devise regional development plans for North, South and West Estonia and Tallinn to allow the tourist who is visiting one region reach as many tourism attractions in the same region as possible.

We support the organisation of international events and conferences and contribute to the establishment of attractions that may create international interest. For example, a modern conference centre and network of small harbours both need to be developed.

Apart from conference and business tourism, we will also focus on improving the quality of cultural (including food and sports), nature, health and family tourism and designing suitable services.

Tourism support measures are implemented by Enterprise Estonia.


Last updated: 2 June 2014