Introducing Estonia

We must increase the awareness of Estonia as a travel destination to promote the international competitiveness of Estonian tourism sector.

Introducing Estonia

Estonia’s good reputation as a travel destination will help to promote the demand for all Estonian products and services, including tourism services, all over the world.

For us, the markets with the best potential and the highest priority are, above all, European counties, especially Finland, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Germany, Great Britain and Latvia.

Target market based strategies are being developed for these countries as a combined effort of Enterprise Estonia, entrepreneurs, regional destinations and foreign representations of Estonia.

Attention will also be paid to the most important distant markets, like the USA and Asia.

Focus is also given to conference and business tourism marketing, to attract more and more people involved in in-service training and self improvement to Estonia.

In addition, tourism products will be introduced to the Estonian population, focusing on increasing the demand during low season.

Activities aimed at promoting Estonia as a tourism destination will be implemented by the Tourism Development Centre of Enterprise Estonia with tourism sector stakeholders.


Last updated: 8 July 2014