Accommodation services

Accommodation enterprises have an important role to play in ensuring that tourists, as well as local residents, travelling in Estonia can enjoy a pleasant stay in the country.

Accommodation services

There are wide variety of accommodation enterprises ranging from simple accommodation providers to large ones that offer many additional services. In order to organise the market, provide visitors with relevant information about accommodation providers and to ensure the safety of the service, the Tourism Act has established different types of accommodation establishments. Each type has their own specific requirements.

Accommodation enterprise chooses the type of its business itself, based on the description and requirements for the accommodation establishment, outlined in the Tourism Act. The main types of accommodation enterprises are based on international classification: hotel, motel, guest house, hostel, holiday village and campsite, holiday home, visitor´s apartment and bed- and breakfast.

The list of accommodation enterprises operating in Estonia is available on the website. Until 30 June 2014, accommodation establishments were required to register their activities in the register of economic activities. The accommodation service provider must ensure that its accommodation meets the requirements set for the accommodation establishment during the entire stay period of the guest.

Accommodation enterprises wishing to sell alcoholic beverages must notify the register of economic activities. Accommodation enterprises who offer catering services must submit an economic activity report to the Veterinary and Food Board or apply for an activity license in accordance with the Food Act.

Surveillance over accommodation enterprises is conducted by local governments, the Health Protection Inspectorate, the Rescue Board, the Police and Border Guard Board and Consumer Protection and Technical Regulatory Authority.


Categorisation system for accommodation establishments

The system of categories or “stars” will offer consumers information about the service level offered by the establishment and will help to increase credibility.

The fulfilment of requirements established to categories or applying for the “stars” is voluntary. The categories are awarded by unions of accommodation establishments or organisations that promote the quality of accommodation establishments, having received the respective right from the Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications. Such organisations will get the right to award categories for the maximum period of five years.


Category awarding organisations in Estonia:


Last updated: 17 June 2019