Information governance

Good governing of information helps to improve the quality of public services and reduce excess costs and bureaucracy.

From June 3, 2017, the Government Regulation "Pinciples for Managing Services and Governing Information" is in force in Estonia. The Regulation sets out the main requirements for management and development of services and information governance. To specify the requirements of the Regulation, guidelines may be issued by the authorities coordinating the development.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications have issued guidelines for implementing the regulation. The objective of the guidelines is to ensure that authorities would interpret the Regulation in a uniform manner and would be provided advice for implementing it. For this purpose, the provisions are supplemented by concise explanations and examples.

From document management to info management


Co-ordination of the development of the area

Since 2012, the Records Management Council has been operating with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications to support the Ministry’s coordination activities. According to the Regulation “Principles for Managing Services and Governing Information”, the Council will continue operating as a council supporting the development of document management and transition to information governance until this is necessary.


Last updated: 11 September 2017