Import of aluminium products

The European Union applies prior surveillance to certain aluminium products from certain third countries.

According to the Commission Implementing Regulation no. 2018/640 of 25 April 2018, the aluminium products listed in annex I to the regulation are permitted into free circulation upon providing a surveillance document issued by a competent authority of a member state.

The regulation is not applied to shipments, the net weight of which remains below 2500 kg for each individual TARIC code, and to products from Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.

The competent authority of a member state issues the surveillance document for the amount specified on the application free of charge and within 5 business days at the latest. In addition to the application, the importer must also provide an additional document, indicating the amount and price of the imported goods (contract of purchase and sale, pro forma invoice).

The surveillance document is valid in the entire union regardless of the member state of issue, and the term of validity is 4 months. An unused or partly used document may be extended by another four months.

When declaring for free circulation, it must be noted that the unit price of concluding a contract must not differ from the one specified in the surveillance document by more than 5 per cent, or that the total value or amount of goods provided for import do not exceed the value or amount specified in the surveillance document by more than 5 per cent.



The list of products subject to prior surveillance:

  • 7601 – Unwrought aluminium
  • 7604 – Aluminium bars, rods and profiles
  • 7605 - Aluminium wire
  • 7606 – Aluminium plates, sheets and strips, of a thickness exceeding 0.2 mm
  • 7607 - Aluminium foil
  • 7608 - Aluminium tubes and pipes
  • 7609 – Aluminium tube or pipe fittings (couplings, elbows, sleeves)
  • 7616.99 – Other aluminium products

Import of aluminium products

Application for a surveillance document

Fill with block letters.

Application form for a European Union surveillance document »

Instructions (the number indicates the application slot of the same number)

1. Filled by the applicant for the document. Only mark the entrepreneur to whom the goods are addressed as the applicant. Make sure to include the name and telephone number of a contact person.

2. Filled by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications.

3. Filled by the applicant for the document. Period covered by the quota (incl. the year of shipping the goods).

4. Competent state institution to whom the application is sent.

5. Contact information of the representative of the owner of goods or the applicant if necessary.

6. Make sure to include the address of the exporter.

7. The country of origin is the country where the product was made.

8. The country of shipment is the country from which the goods are shipped to the EU.

9. Name or trade description of goods.

10. TARIC code.

11. Amount in kilograms, other additional unit if necessary (pair or pcs).

12. Value of goods in euros (cif-value at EU customs border).

13. Confirmation of correctness of data by the applicant (or their representative).

Additional documents

  • Contract of purchase or sale, pro forma invoice, consignment document.

Submitting the application

  • On paper
    The completed licence application together with additional documents is to be sent to the Internal Market Centre of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications at the address: Suur-Ameerika 1, 10122 Tallinn.
  • Electronically
    The digitally signed application together with additional documents is to be sent to the e-mail address info [at]





Last updated: 18 June 2019