Norwegian and the EEA financial mechanisms

Apart the European Union funding, Estonia also gets assistance from the Norwegian and the European Economic Area (EEA) financial mechanism, which aims at reducing the social and economic disparities in enlarged EEA and strengthening of co-operation between Estonia and Norway.

According to the European Economic Area enlargement agreement, three non-European Union countries (Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein (donors)) will support 13 European Union member states by means of Norwegian and the EEA financial mechanisms.

The implementing period for financial mechanisms in Estonia is 2009–2014. 44.6 million euros will be allocated to Estonia for this period in twelve programme areas.

The implementation of financial mechanisms in the administrative sphere of the Ministry is co-ordinated by Foreign Co-operation Projects Division of the Foreign Financing Department.


Innovation programme

Ministry is the central co-ordinator for the Development of Environmentally Sound Innovation with Information and Communication Technology programme.

The programme is implemented by Enterprise Estonia, the donor-partner is Innovation Norway.

  • The purpose of the programme is to enhance the international competiveness and co-operation abilities of Estonian entrepreneurs with information and communication technology development projects that improve environmental soundness and resource efficiency.  
  • Target groups of the project are trading companies, non-government organisations and foundations. Enterprise Estonia organises study tours and contact seminars with Norwegian enterprises to develop mutual relationships.
  • The volume of subsidies totals to 6,248,566 euros, which will be used to pay small and basic subsidies to IT development of environmentally sound products or services in four focus areas:
    • Transport and logistics
    • Manufacturing and trade

    • Energy
    • E-health


Last updated: 26 January 2016