The European Union territorial co-operation


European territorial co-operation programmes support cross-border co-operation projects that are aimed at promotion the integration of economy and social life and balanced and sustainable development in the territory of the European Union.

Territorial co-operation programmes are co-ordinated by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. 

    • Enhancing economic competitiveness
    • Contribution to innovation
    • Anticipation of environmental risks
    • Ensuring marine safety
    • Promotion of tourism
    • Promotion of regional cohesion; co-operation between settlements and communities

    The European Union territorial co-operation yesterday and today   



    In 2007–2013, approximately 7.75 billion euros were allocated for the promotion of European territorial co-operation from the European Union cohesion policy resources. 

    Specialists of the Ministry participated in monitoring committees, project selection committees and contributed to the work of the following programmes:


    Preparation of the co-operation programmes of the next period is co-ordinated by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. 

    The officials of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications participate in the preparation of the following programmes:


    Last updated: 27 May 2014