Mapping: applicable regulatory requirements for a construction company on its export journey to Estonia, Finland and Sweden

In the course of a pilot project, we mapped the applicable regulatory requirements for a company that exports construction services from Estonia to Finland or Sweden and from other countries to Estonia. The purpose of the mapping is to understand the "user experience" of the EU internal market from an entrepreneur's perspective and to identify legal barriers to cross-border trade.

Main findings:

  • For a company starting to export services, the main problem is the high number of requirements and competent authorities as well as the fragmented availability of relevant information. The information is located in many different sources, often only available in the local language. The situation is similar in three countries
  • The interpretation and applicability of legal provisions is often problematic for already exporting companies
  • Fulfilling any individual requirement should not be unreasonably difficult, expensive or time-consuming
  • The potential of cross-border data exchange and public services is rather modest, while application of the once-only principle could be greater nationally


  • For companies, the better availability of information about regulatory requirements is already of high value. It would be useful if Member States would concentrate relevant information applicable for a specific sector in one source and in a comprehensive way, for example, similar to the process diagram of the pilot project
  • Analyse ways to reduce contact points for an entrepreneur, for example, on the basis of economic sectors
  • Mapping additional similar "customer journeys" by more Member States and of sectors would provide a much better insight into the functioning of the EU internal market and its "user experience" for policy makers, legislators and public service owners

The goal of the pilot project is to understand the experience of providing cross-border construction services and to make it available as an auxiliary material for construction and accounting companies. Please note that the mapping has been carried out as a pilot project and may contain errors.

The mapping has the following restrictions:

  • Construction services include construction activities, including erection, reconstruction and repair of buildings and construction projects
  • Activities must be identifiable as exports, which, for example, exclude activities through a subsidiary in a foreign country. The provision of a service has to be temporary or through a secondary establishment (branch, agency or office)
  • The mapped requirements are those that apply to all construction companies, regardless of their field of activity (eg concrete or electrical work) or a particular building site (for example, excluding construction and usage permits)
  • The mapping was carried out in accordance with the principles of service design and lean. We relied heavily on the analysis methods used in user journey mapping of web pages

For reading the process diagram:

  • Most of the steps shown in the diagram are clickable. Clicking the link will direct you to a relevant agency's website for more information.
  • We’ve striven to describe as much as possible the time and cost of fulfilling the claim. In addition, penalties for failure to comply with requirements are also described.

 Download the line diagram:


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Last updated: 15 November 2018