Electricity market


The Estonian electricity market has been completely open since the beginning of 2013 and consumers are free to choose a service provider and tariff package among a number of sellers of electrical energy.

Either Nord Spool Spot power market or contracts concluded between producer and consumer are used to trade in the electricity market.

Consumers will be assisted by data exchange platform that is managed by system administrator, Elering, which will allow the person who concluded a contract for use of the grid connection to review the consumption information and contracts.

The sellers of electricity can be authorised, by means of the same tool, to view the consumption information of consumers, which the sellers can use to make personal price offers.

Electricity market

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Power system of the Republic of Estonia

Estonia is connected, by means of three 330 kV lines, to the power systems of Russia and with two lines of the same capacity to Latvia. Since the end of 2006, the direct current network, EstLink 1, with the capacity of 350 mega watts, connects Estonia and Finland.

In the beginning of 2014, the EstLink 2 cable was also launched, bringing the total capacity of power connection between Estonia and Finland up to 1000 mega watts. This will ensure sufficient capacity of connections for efficient operation of the electricity market and the unlimited movement of electricity between the Baltic and Nordic countries. Current information about the connection is available from the website of the system administrator, Elering.

Elering is also responsible for operation of the power system in general and ensuring a high-quality supply of power.

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Power network

There are 27 distribution network operators in Estonia, managing more than 65,500 kilometres of low and medium voltage lines.

The market share of Elektrilevi OÜ is 87.5%, followed by VKG Elektrivõrgud OÜ, operating in Eastern and Western Virumaa, and Imatra Elekter AS, operating in Western Estonia.

All the operators are responsible for ensuring high-quality electrical connection and the fast elimination of failures to their respective consumers.

Distribution network operators

    When experiencing problems with power supply

    When experiencing problems with power supply, one must first check whether the distribution network operator complies with the regulation of the Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications on network service quality requirements and reducing network charges in case the requirements are not complied with. The requirements to network services are divided into the following categories:

    • Services – requirements to operations and time limits to be observed.
    • Security of power supply – requirements for the restoration time in case of interruption of the power supply and the length of interruptions that are available for a single consumption site.

    Quality of voltagestandard EVS-EN 50160:2010 is recommended as the source of guidance for ensuring the voltage quality within the distribution network.


    Market regulation

    In Estonia, the power market is regulated by the Electricity Market Act and the network rules or procedure, which lay down the requirements for producers of electricity, sellers, network operators, line possessors, balance providers, consumers and to the Estonian Competition Authority that conducts surveillance of the power market.

    The Estonian Competition Authority will be required to publish annual reports on the power and gas market of Estonia.

    The Estonian Competition Authority will also approve the rates applied by distribution network operators and check whether the investments included in the rates are reasonable and will ensure the reliability and sustainability of the network.


    Last updated: 12 March 2015