OECD guidelines and surveillance

The administrative contact point of the OECD in Estonia (NCP Estonia) introduces the organisation’s guidelines for global responsible business and observes the compliance of the guidelines with national and international law.


The guidelines represent a part of the OECD Declaration on International Investment and Multinational Enterprises, which aims at improving the international investment climate and encouraging multinational enterprises to contribute to social and environmental spheres.

NCP Estonia offers assistance to international enterprises in Estonia and Estonian enterprises abroad, by feeling the need to promote socially responsible behaviour.

NCP Estonia’s contact information:
E-mail: ncp.estonia [at] mkm.ee

The Ministry of Social Affairs, Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, EE Investment Agency and representatives of trade unions and business circles are also involved in the work of NCP Estonia. Non-profit organisations participate in the work of the contact point via informal contacts and submit proposals with respect to the different aspects of foreign investments and guidelines.

The Estonian Trade Union Confederation, the Estonian Employers Confederation and the Chamber of Trade and Industry of the Republic of Estonia help to distribute information about compliance with the OECD guidelines, events organised by the national contact point and developments in international investments.


Last updated: 7 June 2018