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Human resources information of the Ministry

Approximately 250 people work at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications.

  • The average age of the employees of the Ministry is 40 years

    There are slightly more women than men in the Ministry.

  • Approximately 90% of the employees have higher education

    The officials are mostly graduates of the University of Tartu or Tallinn University of Technology, but there is also a large number of alumni of universities of foreign countries. The most common specialties are law, economy and state sciences as well as various technical and natural sciences.

  • We’re committed to the development of Estonian economy

    The areas of responsibility of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications are interesting and multi-faceted – we control the development of entrepreneurship, information society, transport, energy and tourism. Our employees are top level specialists in their respective spheres, contributing to the development of the economy of the Republic of Estonia both at domestic and international level.

  • We’re good at noticing development potential and support development

    We do everything possible to support people’s wish to develop and improve. Career and promotional opportunities are available within the organisation; we offer development and training opportunities both in Estonia and abroad.

  • We care about our health and love sports

    We pay significant attention to the health of people: we participate in the basketball and football tournaments of civil servants, and health promoting running competitions; we have made arrangements to visit gyms and health clubs at favourable rates and an in-house gym is also available. 

  • We value traditions and acknowledge job-related achievements

    We do know that a successful team breathes in the same rhythm and traditional joint events are organised to achieve this purpose; we also award various annual titles and recognise the most long-standing employees.


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