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Analysis and research

Information society

Information society services

2011 Cloud-based Infrastructure and Open Data Services Assessment 1.0
2011 Information Security Interoperability Framework 2.0
2012 Framework of Websites 1.0
2012 Software Framework 2.0
2014 Estonian populations’ satisfaction with public e-services - Main findings
2014 Linked Estonia - executive summary
2014 Survey on use of and satisfaction with public e-services provided by the state: main findings
2015 eGovernment Benchmark Insight Report 2015
2015 Usage of qualified electronic signature within Europe Union: summary of the study
2015 Implementation of the Virtual Data Embassy Solution - Summary Report
2016 Transforming Digital Continuity - Joint Research Report
2017 5G roadmap

Energy sector

2007 Estonian Development Strategy of Energy Related Technologies 
2017 Socio-Economic Impact Analysis of Smart Metering of Natural Gas End-Consumers: Final Report


Rail transport sector

2011 A Feasibilit Study for a Standard Gauge Separate Railway Line in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

Marine sector

2017 The legal and political bottlenecks in the European Union for deployment of maritime transport e-solutions


Economic development and entrepreneurship


Labour forecasts

2014 Labour demand and supply forecast 2022, data tables
2015 Labour demand and supply forecast 2023, data tables
2016 Labour demand and supply forecast 2024, data tables

Overview of Estonian Economy

2007 Overview of key economic sectors 2006
2008 Overview of key economic sectors 2007
2009 Overview of key economic sectors 2008
2010 Overview of key economic sectors 2009
2011 Overview of key economic sectors 2010
2013 Overview of key economic sectors 2012
2014 Overview of key economic sectors 2013
2015 Overview of key economic sectors 2014
2016 Overview of key economic sectors 2015
2017 Overview of key economic sectors 2016
2018 Overview of key economic sectors 2017


2017 Estonia in global value chains                  


2002 Competence Centre Programme Estonia Feasibility Study
2002 Innovation in Estonian Enterprises 1998–2000
2003 Business incubation: review of current situation and guidelines for government intervention in Estonia
2003 Optimising the Design and Delivery of Innovation Policy in Estonia: an Evaluation of Policy Instruments for Intensifying Business Innovation
2004 Access of Enterprises to Venture Financing in Estonia: Feasibility Study of Government Support Scheme
2005 Evaluation of the design and implementation of Estonian RTDI policy: implications for policy planning
2007 Impact Evaluation of Spinno Programme in 2001–2006
2007 Innovation Staff Recruitment Programme Feasibility Study
2007 Evaluation of Estonian RTDI Policy Mix
2008 Mid-Term Evaluation of the Competence Centre Programme
2010 An Analysis of Tax Incentives to Promote Research and Developement in Estonia
2014 Feasibility Study – Market Potential and International Experiences; Policy Recommendations; Case study I; Case study II; Case study III


Last updated: 25 June 2018